Brexit Information


The UK Government triggered Article 50 to begin Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, following a 2016 public referendum, and the withdrawal is now set to occur on 31 January 2020 – whether or not an agreed withdrawal agreement has been approved.

As no member state has ever exited the EU before, the process has been, and continues to be fraught with confusion.

However, CWT has a long and successful heritage of handling our customers’ travel arrangements and plans in times of unexpected uncertainty and special situations and we are engaged in contingency planning, effectively treating this as a Business Continuity Plan.

Some things are clear, regardless of developments:

Air Travel

The British government has confirmed that it will reciprocate both the European Union and the European Parliament’s provisional agreement to let air travel rights between the U.K. and the EU continue.

Effectively this means that the UK will allow EU airlines to fly passengers between the UK and any EU member state, with stops allowed for non-traffic purposes (such as refuelling).

UK Driving License Holders

UK driving license holders intending to drive in EU countries after Brexit, will be required to have an international driving permit and must check their insurance green card validity before driving.

International driving permits can be obtained, in person, from UK Post Offices.

Insurers should automatically issue motor green cards to policy holders, but travelers are advised to check with their insurance company if they have any questions about this.

UK Passport Holders

Holders of a British passport (issued by the UK, Gibraltar, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and/or Jersey) should ensure that they have at least six months’ validity left from the date of any intended travel to, or between, countries in the EU, or Schengen* area.

Please note that this advice does not apply to travel to Ireland and those passport holders unsure of their document’s validity can check it here.

* Named after the 1985, Schengen Agreement, this area covers 26 European states that have officially abolished passport and travel controls at their mutual borders.

Useful Links

Other sources of information which might be helpful for travelers include: